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About Us


PR is often referred to as the ability to manage communication between an organisation and its key publics to build, manage and sustain an accurate image.  At Paradigm, we have the necessary  expertise to develop a PR plan to effectively communicate to selected audiences (whether internal or external) so as to deliver the necessary message to achieve organisational goals.  At Paradigm, we strive to offer an excellent service at all times by being informed and insightful as well as being creative and colourful.

Informed and Insightful


Time invested in gathering relevant information about a particular project is time well spent and reaps effective results.  We work to very high standards and attention to detail and a logical approach to all our projects are our main USPs.  We believe that there are great benefits to be garnered through effective, forward looking planning which have been determined as part of our clients' sales teams and in close collaboration with top management when it comes to PR strategy and long-term planning.

Creative and Colourful

Working within the field of public relations and communication always requires taking a fresh look at how things have been done in the past and learning from that experience and building upon it.  This requires a creative and colourful approach.  We believe that this should include thinking inside the metaphorical box, to understand the dynamics of a clients' organisation and its processes as well as thinking outside the box to inject a new and relevant approach to clients' PR & communication activities.   

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