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Our Projects

Public Relations

We create a very close relationship with our PR client​s.  While some clients opt for a project based relationship, others choose the retainer route, involving us in every aspect of their PR activities, from determining PR strategy to establishing their corporate identity.

With this particular client, we handled the full spectrum of their PR activities from determining which type of PR activities to hold during the following year to the implementation of such plans throughout the year.  This included event organisation, campaign planning, media relations, copywriting of press releases, websites & brochures and so much more.

Event Organisation

We were assigned to organise a recruitment event for a leading financial services organisation.  We worked with the organisation's team to create a number of relevant brochures for the newly launched educational programmes.

Closer to the date of the launch, we handled the logistics of both the press launch as well as the actual event which spread over two days.  We also ensured that each visitor was given all the relevant information about the educational programmes. 

Campaign Planning

When it comes to promoting a particular product or service, it is essential to have just the right information about both the product or service as well as the market to be targetted.  This information acts as the building blocks of a successful campaign.

Our client had a large portfolio of both products and services which required promotion to a diverse audience.  Due to budgetary constraints available to us, it was necessary to be very creative and effective when it came to campaign planning.

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