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More Projects

Media Relations

We were assigned to assist a healthcare organisation with its media relations with the launch of its new highly specialised services.  This included identifying the most relevant media contacts for each service.

We were involved in preparing the relevant documentation for  original press packs and handling the logistics for a press conference to launch the new services.  We also ensured that the documentation for potential clients included all relevant information.

Copywriting / Proofing

We regularly handle various copywriting projects, often of a cultural nature for use within the tourist industry.  We focus greatly on top quality research and instilling a large dose of creativity in all these projects.

We assisted a student during the final stages before she submitted her PhD thesis to her lecturers.  We objectively read through the text, proofreading it as we went along and helped with improving the general layout of the thesis.

Data Administration

A leading multinational organisation entrusted us to handle their data administration.  This involved setting up a directory of major documents pertaining to this organisation since its inception many decades ago. 

The documents were mainly of a financial nature and those reflecting business planning.  We ensured easy access to these documents for reference purposes by those with authorised access.  Confidentiality was given top priority at all times.

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